Friday, October 18, 2013

LashSpot SF opening November 15, 2013

LashSpot Spa San Francisco Opening November 15, 2013

LashSpot San Francisco is located in the Uber chic New People building located in Japan Town, cross streets, Post and Fillmore.  On the second flow, with boutique style shopping and Tea and Crumpets, restaurant located downstairs, you can make your lash day retail therapy along with a fab salad or specialty sandwich.  

LashSpot SF will have all the same affordable pricing through our Lash Lover's membership. You will be able to enjoy the savings at either location.  Both locations will have your account information so wether your in Orange County or San Francisco, we have your lash formula, so you'll enjoy your personal lash extension wherever you go. 

Same services, same pricing, same great service!

Each of the technicians complete the rigorous LashSpot training program and must pass our detailed practical exam.  Our expectations for our Lash Artists is to be the best, and to be able to create multiple styles based on the clients needs, look, face shape, age, eye shape and desires. 

LashSpot Spa
1746 Post St. 2nd Floor
San Francisco CA 94115

Hours of Operation: (Mon, Tue & Fri) 10am - 7pm  (Wed & Thu) 10am - 8pm  (Sat &Sun) 10am - 6pm

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Help LashSpot and other great companies of the O.C. support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, by attending the Expo4Life 3rd Annual Fashion Show this Thursday night at Essex Skyline in Orange County.  Tickets are $50.  You'll enjoy gourmet bites, cocktails, pampering services, boutique, and fab gift bags. Click on the link below to make a donation or purchase tickets for the hottest event this month.

Support the beautiful fashion models strutting the cat walk this Thursday.  As cancer survivors, these ladies deserve the encouragement of their community.  Because everybody is effected by Cancer, it's every one's responsibility to fight it.

If you $50 is too steep, no problem, donations can be made at any amount.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Interview with Jena Malone on Hunger Games

What about your makeup? Are there products that you are loyal to?
I’m always changing my hair color, which changes my makeup. When I had short hair, I loved a natural look, with just a little bit of something on my lips. When I was a brunette, I liked having a stronger brow, with not much else around the eyes. Now that I’m a blonde, I feel like my face can take more makeup. I use Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer and Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion for my complexion. On my brows I use Laura Mercier’s pencil in Soft Brunette, and for my eyes I like Geisha Ink’s black pen. And then I love Julie Hewett’s products—her Belle Noir lipstick, especially. She was the makeup artist I worked with on Bastard Out of Carolina, and all of her products are amazing.

Full article here:

We agree with Jena, 100%. Best eye liner ever!  Geisha doesn't smudge, glides on effortlessly and looks flawless for every liner look for Fall.  

Geisha Ink eye and brow liners, available at LashSpot Spas, costa mesa, ca.  949.515.7600  

If there is a certain decade lingering in the air for Fall, it has to be the over the top look of the 90's. 

The true birth of the overgrown brows, over coiffed hair, and the oversized augmentations.  It's a great era, where natural meets grunge and surfer girl attitude rained cool all over the country.  Early 90's Madonna, late 90's Cindy Crawford to name a few, beauties.  Any way you looked at it, bushy, bigger, better.  Two trends LashSpot can keep you on spot with are your fabulous brows, and your oh so sexy lashes.  Cat-eyed lashes, thick and full towards the outer corner of the eyes, yummy.  Overgrown brows, more cleaned up, on trend. Embraces the years of grunge style youth.  To check out a couple of our favorite looks in brows and lashes.. here are the  pics we pulled....

To get this look, print it and make your way into LashSpot.  We would love to stylize your lashes and brows to reach that 90's youthful look, we all so loved.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Big lashes, Nude lips.. 

Fall is our favorite time of year for lashes.. Everything gets super snuggly, dark shades, chic jackets, and edgy boots.  Make-up get's more interesting with color and texture and we feel more free to brighten our looks with a softer, paler pallet.  

One of our most beloved and favorite looks for FAll 2013 is the full and voluminous  lash accompanied by the nude lip.  Very chic and Super now... 

Seen at Versace and D-squared to name a few, the full thick lash with a soft nude lip really captured the flow for Fashion in 2013.  Blacks, Deep grey, and chocolate browns are going to be the go to colors this season.  Lots of military inspired fashion, and edgy, 90's punk rock pave the way for a super over the top girly lash. 

We love this look because it's fresh and edgy at the same time.  We can go very thick, overly dramatic on the lashes because it works in the chilly nude lip.

Ask your LashSpot technician how to achieve this mega lash look.  

When wearing it, keep the makeup light on the face. No heavy blushes or bright shadows.  Soft metals and natural tones for eye makeup. Stay away from the ultra shiny anything.  Black and navy liners look fab too.  Any type of mute lipstick will work and of course the nude lip is going to be right on trend. 

Fabulous Fall is a throw stones away, and check back for more of LashSpot's favorite lash look for FAll! 

Big lashes, Nude Lip 
Full lashes with nude lip seen at Dsquared
Versace Fall 2013
So amazing lashes with a barely there gloss

Monday, August 12, 2013

The secret to strong hair is a simple daily supplement that you need to be adding to your vitamin regimen, called Biotin.

--What is Biotin? Biotin is a naturally occurring B-vitamin
--Side effects? Nontoxic, and no known side effects.
--Proper dosage? start at 500-700 mg, and can go up as high as 5000mg.

This B vitamin that can be found in leafy greens, peanuts, raw egg yolk, and liver. Increasing these foods will also aid in the growth of your hair.  Biotin is only known to increase current growth and to thicken current growth. It will not bring back hair that has been bald for several years.  You can find Biotin at any health food store, online, and at your local target.

Most individuals are not able to properly digest B vitamins without the aid of a B-12 supplement.  Adding the B-12 will help the Biotin dissolve into your system more effectively.  You must take your B-12, under your tongue. It will dissolve into your system and your on your way to full, beautiful, thick lashes, brows, hair and nails.. Talks about a youthful supplement.. LashSpot loves our Biotin.

Thursday, August 8, 2013