Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fall 2013, Indian Make-up Trend, hot for Fall and even hotter for Bridal... 

Asian Beauty is oh so exotic and oh so trendy for Fall 2013. The trend is BIG, BIG, BIG lashes.  Seen on the runway and in September issues of our fashion bibles, we know this is a must have look for 2013. 
How to get this look, make an appointment at LashSpot and follow these easy instructions. 

  • Bring in a pick of Sonam Kapoor.  She has beautiful lashes, that are full and thick, but so tasteful and beautiful.  You can find her in any fashion magazine. 
  • To really achieve the look get a  lash tint previous to getting your extensions. It will give you a deep black lash and line.  Blue black is a good choice for this look as well.  
  • Ask your technician to go big with your lashes. You want very thick and very long. 
  • Request bottom lashes to really finish off the look.
  • Get yourself a pair of big gold earrings, or a beautiful headdress necklace, and rock the look..   

Keep in mind this won't work on everyone, but if you are able to wear it, do it, it's so on trend. 

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