Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Big lashes, Nude lips.. 

Fall is our favorite time of year for lashes.. Everything gets super snuggly, dark shades, chic jackets, and edgy boots.  Make-up get's more interesting with color and texture and we feel more free to brighten our looks with a softer, paler pallet.  

One of our most beloved and favorite looks for FAll 2013 is the full and voluminous  lash accompanied by the nude lip.  Very chic and Super now... 

Seen at Versace and D-squared to name a few, the full thick lash with a soft nude lip really captured the flow for Fashion in 2013.  Blacks, Deep grey, and chocolate browns are going to be the go to colors this season.  Lots of military inspired fashion, and edgy, 90's punk rock pave the way for a super over the top girly lash. 

We love this look because it's fresh and edgy at the same time.  We can go very thick, overly dramatic on the lashes because it works in the chilly nude lip.

Ask your LashSpot technician how to achieve this mega lash look.  

When wearing it, keep the makeup light on the face. No heavy blushes or bright shadows.  Soft metals and natural tones for eye makeup. Stay away from the ultra shiny anything.  Black and navy liners look fab too.  Any type of mute lipstick will work and of course the nude lip is going to be right on trend. 

Fabulous Fall is a throw stones away, and check back for more of LashSpot's favorite lash look for FAll! 

Big lashes, Nude Lip 
Full lashes with nude lip seen at Dsquared
Versace Fall 2013
So amazing lashes with a barely there gloss

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