Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School

Back to School and Back to my Beauty Regimen

With Summer ending and back to school, it's all about getting the kids ready for the new year.  School supplies, clothes, target, kids games, end of the year BBQ's, ughhhhhh.

If your anything like me, you've completely lost sight of yourself and your normal beauty regimens.  Every morning has turned into a complete debacle of trying to find something to wear that hides my black roots, chipped nail polish and overgrown brows. As if that works.  I'm at high temperature, ready to boil, at any moment about towards my kids, husband and any mirror I pass by.   After this morning, taking over an 11/2 hours to get myself out the door, and looking like I just woke up,  I've vowed to myself it's time to get my beauty back.  Hair appointment, check.  Nail appointment check.  Brows and Lashes, check.

Getting back to school, can be all over time consuming, but if you really want to save yourself some time, get your beauty on.  There is nothing like facing the day, not fully prepared to be and look your best.  This isn't out of conceit, it's just reality.  So, ladies.. pick up your phone, make your appointment, and know your actually making your household run more efficiently by putting in the time to make your self feel and look beautiful and know your doing it for the sake of your families happiness.