Friday, August 16, 2013

If there is a certain decade lingering in the air for Fall, it has to be the over the top look of the 90's. 

The true birth of the overgrown brows, over coiffed hair, and the oversized augmentations.  It's a great era, where natural meets grunge and surfer girl attitude rained cool all over the country.  Early 90's Madonna, late 90's Cindy Crawford to name a few, beauties.  Any way you looked at it, bushy, bigger, better.  Two trends LashSpot can keep you on spot with are your fabulous brows, and your oh so sexy lashes.  Cat-eyed lashes, thick and full towards the outer corner of the eyes, yummy.  Overgrown brows, more cleaned up, on trend. Embraces the years of grunge style youth.  To check out a couple of our favorite looks in brows and lashes.. here are the  pics we pulled....

To get this look, print it and make your way into LashSpot.  We would love to stylize your lashes and brows to reach that 90's youthful look, we all so loved.

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